Supervision committee and progress monitoring

The supervision committee accompanies the doctorate and monitors its progress. It cosists of:

Doctoral researcher
  • Must be HZB doctoral researcher
Main advisor
  • Must be HZB employee
  • Must have the right to confer a PhD degree
Daily advisor
  • Must hold a doctoral degree
Second daily advisor
  • Obligatory if main advisor is at the same time daily advisor or if doctoral researcher wants to have a further daily advisor
  • Must hold a doctorate and is close to the subject of the doctoral thesis
Backup main advisor
  • Backup for main advisor (replaces main advisor if required)
  • Must have the right to confer a PhD degree
  • May take part in the regular meetings of the supervision committee
Further members
  • According to the doctorate regulations of the respective university, further members can be part of the supervision committee

The supervision committee meets at least three times during the doctorate, after six, 18 and 30 months. A compilation of HZB employees that have the right to confer a PhD and thus can function as a main advisor can be found in the HZB POFSTA database in the section „Lehrbefugnisse und Promotionsrecht“ and can be discussed with the doctoral researchers coordination upon request.

Further details regarding the composition of the supervision committee, the process of progress monitoring and so on, can be found in the HZB doctoral guidelines.

Without all three submitted progress reports, an extension of an HZB employment contract is categorically not possible.