Poster award to HyPerCells doctoral student

October 2018

Eike Köhnen received an award for his poster on perovskite silicon tandem cells at the 4th International Conference on Perovskite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics (PSCO) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Poster award to HyPerCells doctoral student

September 2018

Frederike Lehmann from the HZB Department Structure and Dynamics of Energy Materials received a poster award at an international conference, the ICTMC-21 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

How to Make over 20% Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells

In a recent method paper published in Chemistry of Materials, HyPerCells members Christian M. Wolff, Martin Stolterfoht, Nga Phung and workgroup leaders Steve Albrecht, Dieter Neher and Antonio Abate
together with the renowned scientists Michael Saliba (Adolphe Merkle Institute) and Juan Pablo Correa-Baena (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) provide detailed descriptions and explanations on how to achieve highly efficient perovskite tandem solar cells on varios device architectures. The joint publication also underlines the excellent connection between the HyPerCells graduate school and other leading scientists and research institutes worldwide.

May 2018

HyPerCells Lecture Series

As part of a lecture series within the HyPerCells graduate school, it was an honour and pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Filippo de Angelis from the University of Perugia at the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin Adlershof.

Other prestigious speakers in the series so far were amongst others Dr. Giulia Grancini, EPFL, Dr. Selina Olthof, University of Cologne, Dr. David Egger, University of Regensburg, Dr. Felix Deschler, University of Cambridge, Dr. Jarvist Frost, Imperial College London and Prof. Dr. Henk J. Bolink, University of Valancia.

April 2018

HyPerCells Fall Retreat 2017

The HyPerCells graduate school meets for the fall retreat 2017 in Akademie Schmöckwitz on October 11.-12. The retreat offers the possibility for members of the graduate school as well as guests to present their recent research results. This not only exchanges know-how and experiences but also promotes synergies between researchers from different fields of perovskite research.

October 2017

21.4 % Record Efficiency Realised

Perovskite solar cells with record efficiencies of over 20 per cent have been realised by Christian Wolff and Martin Stolterfoht. Following their publication in the journal Energy & Environmental Science they were able to push the solar cell performance up to 21.4 % power conversion efficiency which is the highest value reported so far for "inverted" perovskite solar cells with undoped contact layers.

July 2017

Christian Wolff wins poster prize at PSCO conference in Genova

Christian Wolff is awarded with the Nature poster prize for best multidisciplinary presentation on the 2nd international conference "Perovkite Solar Cells and Optoelectronics" (PSCO) in Genova, September 2016. The results presented in his poster have recently been published in the journal Advanced Materials.

September 2016