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Welcome talks

Doctoral researchers that have recently started their PhD at the HZB are personally welcomed by the coordination for doctoral researchers.

During those "welcome talks", the guidelines for doctoral researchers, offers, trainings, events, network possibilities and so on, available for doctoral researchers at the HZB are introduced.

New doctoral researchers are invited by the coordination of doctoral researchers to the talks. However, any doctoral researcher at HZB can join, after shortly contacting the coordination for doctoral researchers.

Contact: Dr. Nicole Schmid

Next welcome talks:

The next welcome talk will be held via videocall on:

16th of December 2020 - 9:30 am

28th of January 2021 - 10:00 am

Please register by sending an email to nicole.schmid@helmholtz-berlin.de.

You will then receive the meeting link.

Wannsee (at the cafeteria, next to the coffee machine):

Held via videocall.

Adlershof (at the BESSY coffee bar, 1st floor):

Held via videocall.

Welcome booklet

The representatives of the doctoral researchers prepared a "Welcome booklet" for doctoral researchers starting their doctorate at HZB.

So if you are new to Germany, Berlin or the HZB have a read through. It contains very helpful information and practical tips on how to settle in easily.

For any questions or comments on it, please contact Nina Novakovic of the HZB doctoral researchers representation.

HZB buddy program for new HZB doctoral researchers

What is the HZB buddy program?

The HZB buddy program connects new HZB doctoral researchers with more experienced ones. The primary goal is to provide new HZB doctoral researchers orientation at the center, knowledge regarding HZB-specific processes and to facilitate networking at the center at an early stage.

 Who could use a buddy?

If you…

  • …are new at HZB and are not yet familiar with the infrastructure of the campus,
  • …wonder whether you know about all seminars, information, networks etc. that could be interesting to you,
  • …want to get in touch with fellow HZB doctoral researchers outside of your working group,…

…the HZB buddy program might be just the right thing for you.

How to get a HZB buddy:

New HZB doctoral researchers contact the HZB DR coordination with the request to get a HZB buddy.

Who would enjoy becoming a buddy?

If you…

  • …like meeting new people and helping others, by e.g. saving them from unnecessary struggles with any sort of procedures or processes or getting lost on campus,
  • …enjoy connecting with people and help others to make new interesting contacts
  • …have gained useful insights into the HZB world in common and are happy to share those,…

…you should consider to become a HZB buddy.

How to become a HZB buddy:

Every experienced HZB doctoral researcher can become a HZB buddy. If interested, please contact the HZB DR coordination and register for the program. If you are part of one of HZB’s graduate schools, your engagement can count within the school’s credit point system.  

 To get in contact and for any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the DR coordination.