The making of a highfield magnet

In 2014, the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin will put into operation the strongest magnet in the world for neutron scattering. It will have a magnetic field strength of 25 to 30 Tesla. Components are built and designed in five countries. The core is assembled at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. This film provides a unique opportunity to look over the shoulders of the magnet experts in Tallahassee while they build this unique machine. It was shot somewhere half way along the winding process, when 8 layers of custom-made superconducting conduit were already in place. Later, the entire coil was baked for days at 650°C and then bathed in epoxy. It then flew to Italy, where it was fitted with a cryostat before it finally made its way to Berlin.

Concept and production:, Editor: Karin Jakob