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CatLab – Catalysis Laboratory

CatLab Young Scientist Club




Welcome to the CatLab Young Scientist Club!

The Club aims to enhance a lively exchange platform to all PhD students and PostDocs working in the framework of CatLab.

The Club offers different formats and opportunities:

Seminar Series


Every two weeks, starting on 5th April 2023 / 3-5 pm

Afterwards we could stay together for social events from time to time.

WHAT Open format with the following boundary conditions:
•    20 min talk by PhD or PostDoc + and 20 min scientific discussion and constructive feedback on performance of the speaker regarding scientific communication
•    60 min group discussion of “hot topic”
•    These topics may be journal articles, current scientific issues, guidance with (beamtime) proposal writing,… and will be collected using an easily and always accessible document and be voted on well in advance of the next seminar meeting (collection will be starting beginning of next week)
•    the 60 min slot could also be used to teach ourselves (see Skill Training Block below)

Each PhD Student and PostDoc will get the opportunity to lead a slot.

Please enter the date and enter the title of your presentation.

Impulse Talks

i.e. from relevant industry or academic partners

(Soft) Skill Trainings

  • By externals: In plan, depending on budget and demand
  • Teaching ourselves concept: A lot of expertise and knowledge not just in the field of science is already among us and just needs to be shared. The sharing person would thus gain a great deal of teaching experience. The group discussion time from the seminar series could be used for it.

24/7 Communication

Mattermost will be implemented as common communication platform for HZB and FHI. We will inform you as soon as it is ready.


For any questions or suggestions, please contact us at catlab-meeting(a)helmholtz-berlin.de

The CatLab Meeting Team will be happy to help you.