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P4 Thermal effects in strongly correlated antiferromagnets

The goal of this project is to explore the lifetimes of the excitations in a number of gapped antiferromagnets as a function of temperature. In the conventional picture of thermal effects in magnetism, the excitations are long-lived at low temperatures and their lifetime decreases with temperature. The explanation is that thermally activated excitations collide with each other incoherently limiting their lifetimes - observed experimentally as a symmetric Lorentzian energy broadening of the lineshape. The concept of thermal decoherence and Lorentzian linewidth broadening does not apply to all magnetic systems, materials with excitations that interact strongly have recently been found to develop distorted lineshapes with increasing temperature e.g. copper nitrate and Sr3Cr2O8, and the lineshape is characteristic of the nature of the correlations. In this project we plan to investigate the thermal development of the lineshape of a range of different magnetic systems, e.g. dimerised systems, Haldane chains, spin ladders etc. Spin echo and inelastic neutron scattering techniques will be used and refined to give high resolution measurements. Alongside the experiment, theory will also be developed to explain and model these new phenomena.

National Partner: Johannes Reuther (HZB and FU Berlin)

International partners: Fabian Essler, John Chalker (Oxford)

PhD student in charge: Ekaterina Klyushina

additional support: Anup Kumar Bera, Nazmul Islam



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