Perovskite/Silicon-Tandem Solar Cells Lab (SP 2)

This subproject is formed by three Young Research Investigator Groups who are working on:

Stable perovskite solar cells - Dr. Antonio Abate

Halide perovskites enable the highest efficiency solar cells, but they need to gain stability. The goal of INTER-ACTIVE project is to demonstrate stable perovskite PVs with a lifetime equivalent to more than 25 years European outdoor usage. INTER-ACTIVE targets stable perovskite solar cells under real working conditions:

  • Identifying the most stable perovskite compositions, device architecture and selective contacts;
  • Implementing new procedures to passivate the perovskite surface.

Highly efficient perovskite tandem solar cells - Dr. Steve Albrecht

To improve the efficiency of monolithic perovskites/silicon Tandem solar cells, the Young Investigator group works on:

  • Development of highly efficient perovskite top-cells for tandem Integration;
  • Utilizing new materials for selective contacts to reduce surface recombination;
  • Complex optical simulations to provide guidelines for optimization.

    Behind the scene: Towards the highest efficiencies with perovskite solar cells

Hybrid materials formation and scaling - Dr. Eva Unger

The BMBF-funded Young Investigator Group is making research on the following topics:

  • Metal-halide perovskite precursor solution chemistry and ink design;
  • In-situ formation studies to rationalize perovskite crystallization;
  • Scaling device technology to larger area by inkjet printing and slot-die coating;
  • Realization of larger area perovskite and perovskite/silicon tandem modules.