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Characterization of solar cells and modules by solar simulator and flasher

The accurate electric analysis of solar cells and modules is one of the key issues in order to develop high efficiency solar cells. Therefore, PVcomB is using a "Super Solar Simulator" of Wacom equipped with a xenon and a halogen lamp. With this dual source concept the spectrum of the simulator is very close to the solar spectrum. Solar cells and modules up to an area of 15 x 15 cm² can be measured with this.

Similar to other process steps and measurement setups at PVcomB, both steady-state solar simulator and flasher are directly connected to the electronic lab book system. Therefore, solar cell parameters like efficiency, open-circuit voltage, short-circuit density and others are automatically combined with the corresponding processes of sample preparation and analysis.

enlarged view

The AAA Super Solar Simulator of PVcomB to measured solar cells and mini modules up to 15 x 15 cm² sample size.

enlarged view

The AAA Flasher of PVcomB to measure 30 x 30 cm² mini modules.