Research activities of PVcomB in frame of POF III: Solar cells of next generation


About 60 researcher from HZB, TUB and HTW are forming PVcomB's team. We are physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers, students and technicians. Our broad background from industry and academia covers thin-film silicon, CIGS, laserphysics and analytics.

What we offer

As a partner PVcomB accompanies all processing steps during solar cell production in thin-film PV based on silicon and CIGS. Our services include support at ramp-up, special analytics, education and training. PVcomB operates complete R&D reference lines for 30 x 30 cm² solar modules based on thin-film silicon and CIGS as well as 5- and 6-inch silicon heterojunction cells.  An high-grade set of analytical equipment supports the whole preparation chain and forms together with excellent R&D process tools the base for future solar cell concepts. ... more