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Beamlines and Stations

There are two beamlines of Russian-German Laboratory at HZB. The dipole beamline started its operation in 2001 and became a core component for the bilateral Russian-German scientific cooperation in the field of applications of synchrotron radiation at BESSY. It ends with a fixed experimental station RGL-PES that offers a multi-technique approach for the investigation of the electronic, chemical and structural properties of materials: X-ray photoemission spectroscopy and X-ray absorption in all possible modes (fluorescence yield, total and partial electron yields).

Russian-German Undulator Beamline (U125-2) was inaugurated in October 2019. Its fixed RGBL-2 endstation is dedicated to accurate measurements of the electronic band structure of solids as well as detection of three components of the spin polarization vector with high energy and momentum resolutions.

Another instrument of Russian-German Laboratory is a flexible endstation for photoemission electron microscopy, RGBL-PEEM, that can be used at beamlines with open-port. Detailed information can be found here.

enlarged view

General layout RGBL-1