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Users Info

Application for beamtime and its allocation

Following general BESSY procedures, we call for proposals 2 times a year. Please note that the entire beamtime application and administration for the next call will be handled via the General Access Tool for HZB User Facility (GATE).

Proposals will be checked for technical feasibility and then reviewed scientifically by the Steering Committee of the Russian-German Laboratory and the Beamtime Allocation Committee of Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. Authors of approved proposals will be notified about the beamtime schedule. Other authors will also receive response from the senior scientist on behalf of the committees.

Conditions of co-operation with Russian-German Laboratory at BESSY-II

Russian groups, whose scientific proposals have been approved, obtain beamtime on the following basis:
- the beamtime is provided free of charge;
- each project/proposal will obtain on the average 1 week of beamtime;
- daily allowance and accommodation for the period of beamtime plus two additional days for preparation of experiments and post beamtime activities is provided for max. 2 scientists (i.e. the funded period includes max. 9 days for one week of beamtime).

While at BESSY, the groups:
- can use the available equipment of the Russian-German Lab;
- will receive support by the staff of the Russian-German Lab;
- will have access to office space for on-site data evaluation.

Users of the Russian-German Laboratory are obliged to corresponding acknowledgements in all related scientific publications and reports. But in general it is assumed that staff members of the Lab participating in experiments will become co-authors of publications.