Publications 2019

Echevarria, P.; Neumann, A.; Ushakov, A.; Garcia Arruabarrena, B.; Jugo, J.: Simulation of Quench Detection Algorithms for Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin SRF Cavities. In: Mark Boland ... [Ed.] : Proceedings of IPAC 2019, 10th International Particle Accelerator Conference, Melbourne Australia. Geneve: JacoW, 2019. - ISBN 978-3-95450-208-0, p. WEPRB016/2834-2837
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Keckert, S.; Junginger, T.; Buck, T.; Hall, D.; Kolb, P.; Kugeler, O.; Laxdal, R.; Liepe, M.; Prokscha, T.; Posen, S.; Salman, Z.; Suter, A.; Knobloch, J.: Critical fields of Nb3Sn prepared for superconducting cavities. Superconductor Science & Technology 32 (2019), p. 075004/1-9

Köszegi, J.; Knobloch, J.: Advanced study of the thermoelectrically generated magnetiv field in a nine-cell cavity during the superconducting phase transition. Physical Review Accelerators and Beams 22 (2019), p. 052001/1-9
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