Reflectometry Station

Reflectometry - At-wavelength metrology

  • Quality control of optical elements
  • In-house R&D
  • User operation
  • Short-term access

The versatile 10 axes UHV-reflectometer is a permanent end station of the Optics Beamline delivering UV and XUV radiation. It is located in a clean-room hutch at DIP 1.1.

The samples are adjustable within six degrees of freedom, and the reflectivity can be measured at all incidence angles for both s- and p-polarisation geometry.

The reflectometer is primarily dedicated to the in-house R&D in optics development and at-wavelength metrology of our in-house produced diffraction gratings and (multilayer) optical elements.

Beamtime at this station is available by user-proposals or, at short-term request, by cooperation with our Institute for Nanometre Optics and Technology (FG-INT).

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Assigned to beamline(s)

Energy range
Optics Beamline 10 - 2000 eV
Station data
Temperature range room temperature
Pressure Range For details contact the station manager.
Detector GaAs-photodiodes (4 mm x 4 mm) w/o pinholes and slits
Manipulators 3 goniometers (Huber model 430, 411) for sample (azimuth and incidence angle theta) and detector (twotheta) scan, 6-axes sample positioning, 2 motors for detector off-plane scan
Sample holder compatibility For details contact the station manager.

Optics Beamline

Max. sample size 360 x 60 x 60 (L x W x H) mm
Min. sample size 5 x 5 x 0.5 (L x W x H) mm
Azimuthal angle scan range 0 - 360 degree
Incidence angle scan range -90 - 90 degree
Minimum angle to normal 2 degree

Film - click on Downloads in box on right side: reflectometer-film.mp4

Film - click on Downloads in box on right side: reflectometer-film.mp4