Time-of-Flight Spectrometer (NEAT)

The neutron time-of-flight spectrometer NEAT has a long history of successful applications in the study of dynamics and function of materials. It is best suited to probe dynamic phenomena directly in space and time in the large time domain 10-14 – 10-10 s and on the length scale ranging from 0.05 to up to about 5 nm. To address user community needs for more powerful instrumental capabilities, a concept of full upgrade of NEAT has been proposed. The upgrade started in 2010 after a rigorous internal and external selection process and resulted in 300 fold increases of neutron count rate compared to NEAT’1995.

Instrument Data
Neutron guide NL-2a
Wave length 1.5-20 Å
Flux 4.8 x10^5 n / s/ cm2
Range of scattering angles 142° ÷ (- 82)°
Range of lattice spacing
d resolution
Elastic energy resolution (FWHM) at SD 1500 µeV@2 Å; 100µeV@5Å; 15µeV@ 10Å
Chopper slits 2 sets of slits for high resolution and high intensity option
Distance between choppers 30 m
Distance from the last chopper to the sample 1.3 m
Chopper speed range 30-110 Hz
Sample - detector distance 3 m
Beam cross section at the sample 2x6 cm and 2 x 3 cm
Sample environment 1.5 K-1000 K, VM3 with 5T and VM1 with 15 T, dedicated controlled gas atmosphere setup
Software MANTID and CARESS
Instrument options High resolution and high intensity, large and small samples,hard and soft matter studies