Soft x-ray EMIL Beamline

A toroidal mirror M1 collimates (vertically) and focusses (horizontally) the UE48 beam onto the exit slit. The radiation is dispersed by a plane grating monochromator equipped with two blazed gratings (400 and 800 l/mm). A switching mirror unit M3 with two cylindrical mirrors deflects the beam to the endstations SISSY-I and SISSY-II or to another upcoming PEEM station (not shown). Alternatively the mirrors are retracted and an additional cylindrical mirror provides the radiation for the CAT experiment. Two ellipsoidal mirrors in the switching mirror unit M4 refocus the exit slit stigmatically to either the SISSY-I or SISSY-II endstation, and a toroidal mirror refocuses the beam to the CAT endstation.

Soft Beamline Layout

Soft Beamline Layout

Applicable station(s)

Temperature rangePressure Range
CAT room temperature up to 1000 KMaximum pressure: 2000 Pa
Minimum pressure: 10-10 Pa
Typical pressure: 100 Pa

For more details contact the station manager.
Beamline data
Segment L12
Location (Pillar) 13.2
Source UE48
Monochromator PGM with 400 l/mm and 800 l/mm (both blazed)
Energy range 80 eV to 2300 eV
Energy resolution
Divergence horizontal mrad
Divergence vertical mrad
Focus size (hor. x vert.)
User endstation
Distance Focus/last valve mm
Height Focus/floor level mm
Beam availability
Resolving Power and Flux for both EMIL beamlines

Resolving Power and Flux for both EMIL beamlines