Dilatometer / DIL 402 Expedis Supreme

A dilatometer measures the change of a sample length Δl temperature dependently. Thus, it provides information on the thermal expansion of a material, phase transitions and sintering properties.

The laboratory includes a DIL 402 Expedis Supreme (NETZSCH-Gerätebau GmbH), which is a push rod dilatometer with controlled and adjustable contact force. Two furnaces are available in order to reach temperatures below room temperature and well above room temperature.

Fig. 1: DIL 402 Expedis Supreme

Fig. 1: DIL 402 Expedis Supreme

Temperature range -180 °C … 500 °C (low temperature furnace); RT…1600 °C (high temperature furnace)
Diameter of the samples max. 12 mm
Length of the samples 0 mm…52 mm
Gas atmosphere N2, Ar, He
Measuring range ±25000 μm
Δl resolution 0.1 nm
Accuracy of Δl/l0 0.002 %
Repeatability of Δl/l0 0.001 %
Force range 10 mN…3 N in steps of 0.2 mN