inEXEQ, the EXED (E,q)-range calculator TIPS:

  1. The interface is full of hovertext comments (tooltips).
  2. Main functionality is the reciprocal-space mapping.
  3. Ranges given as 1:2 will result in integration.
  4. Ranges given as 1:=.1:3 will map from 1 to 3 with an 0.1 step.
  5. The chopper speed is set to be the same for first and last chopper
  6. At least one of the h, k, l, dE axes must be of the min:step:max format.
  7. Axis range specified as a letter (e.g. h=h) will lead to integration in the entire valid range.
  8. 1D, 2D and 3D plots can be generated.
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