Final spurt of Summer students blog

Summerstudents after their visit of BESSY II.

Summerstudents after their visit of BESSY II. © Klaus-Martin Höfer

Screenshot of the blog.

Screenshot of the blog.

A new blog features the experiences of HZB’s summer students in 2014. In total 24 students have come from Japan, Denmark, India, Spain, Greece, Russia or other countries. For 8 weeks, during August and September, they are working on a project in a science team at the HZB. They are young and motivated, willing to sacrifice their summer holidays and to spend them in a lab instead!

But they do not only make their first steps in science, they are also participating in a communication project, the hzb2014summerschool - Blog: Some of them do write about life in Berlin, others about their first research experiences. Up to now, the blog contains 22 posts, 24 comments and has had more than 1000 visitors.

These last two weeks, we expect more posts, more traffic and more comments. The summerschool-blog project is not only entertaining and nice to read for future students for instance but provides aslo an informal training of communication skills.

Please do have a look!

The Blog: