Distinguished Lectures at HZB: Prof. Jürgen Janek will give talk about the Materials Research for "Next Generation" Batteries

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek, Universität Gießen

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Janek, Universität Gießen

The search for new and the development of improved electrochemical energy storage systems stimulates world-wide research efforts in both academia and industry. While impressive improvements and cost reductions are still to be expected for lithium ionbatteries (LIB) and are part of enormous industrial efforts, more fundamental research aims for the creation and understanding of completely new cell types.

In order to provide an up-to-date overview on recent developments, the current status of LIB will be briefly reviewed, before major trends in the study of new cell types will be discussed. Essentially, three types of potential "next generation"; batteries will be considered in more detail: (a) alkali metal/ sulfur batteries (e.g. Li/S8), (b) alkali metal/oxygen batteries (e. g. Li/O2) and (c) solid state batteries (SSB).

The lecture will focus on major materials challenges on the one hand and to mechanistic questions from the physicochemical point of view on the other hand. The lecture will help to better judge a dynamic research field by evaluating the true chances and risks of new cell types.

23.02.2015 16:00 o clock
Lecture Hall at Lise-Meitner-Campus, Hahn-Meitner-Platz 1, 14109 Berlin

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