PVcomB-25 paper awards for two HZB-Contributions

On stage for the PVSEC-25 Paper Awards. Jan-Peter Bäcker (1. on left side) and Marc Daniel Heinemann (5. on left side).

At the 25th International Photovoltaic Science & Engineering Conference (PVSEC) two papers from the HZB-Institute PVcomB have been awarded: Jan-Peter Bäcker and Marc Daniel Heinemann received the PVSEC-25 Paper Award for their research on chalcogenide solar cells (CIGS). The PVSEC was held from 15. to 20. November in Busan, Korea.

Jan-Peter Bäcker and his co-authors presented their research on phase separation in Copper-Indium-Gallium precursor thin films for sequentially processed Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells". Marc Daniel Heinemann and his co-authors reported on results on CIGS solarcells in „superstrate“-configurations.

You can find more informationen and the abstracts of the awarded papers at the PVcomB-newspage here:

"Phase separation and coarsening in Cu-In-Ga precursor thin films for sequentially processed Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells"
J.P. Bäcker, S.S. Schmidt, M. Hartig, C.A. Kaufmann, R. Mainz, H. Rodriguez-Alvarez, C. Wolf, R. Schlatmann

"Revival of CIGSe Superstrate Solar Cells?"
M.D. Heinemann, J. Berry,  D. Greiner, M. Wollgarten, T. Unold, R. Klenk, H.-W. Schock, D. Ginley, R. Schlatmann, C. A. Kaufmann