Hint: HZB Postdoc Association introduces a Postdoc of the Month on their webpage

The work of Galina Gurieva, Franziska Huschmann and Alex Redinger is introduced here.

What have Galina Gurieva, Franziska Huschmann, Alex Redinger in common? They are postdocs working at HZB. For connecting each other and providing an channel for networking the HZB Postdoc Association introduces each month the work of one of the researchers at HZB-website. The young scientists write briefly about their work, their favorite paper and name the instruments and beamlines they are working with. Moreover, to get a good impression of their work they show some pictures about their laboratories, instruments and beamlines. Here you can find the interesting page of the Postdoc Association.

The postdoc association at HZB is all about bringing postdocs together on a social as well as on an academic level. The association aims to achieve this by organizing seminars and social events, and offering soft skill courses. Next events: February 24: Postdoc After Work Drinks (time & place to be announced), March 22: Life after postdoc - panel discussion (@ Bessy, starting time to be announced).

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