X-ray CoreLab now in operation and available

The X-ray diffraction devices at HZB in the X-ray CoreLab are available to all scientists.

The X-ray diffraction devices at HZB in the X-ray CoreLab are available to all scientists. © S.Kodalle/HZB

All regular HZB scientists as well as visiting scientists can now use the diverse X-ray diffractometry equipment at the X-ray CoreLab, effective immediately. Each instrument is up-to-date with the latest versions of hardware & software and specialised for certain investigations. Instrument time will be allocated via the Online Calendar.

Up until recently, existing X-ray diffraction devices at HZB were used overwhelmingly by those organisational units that had purchased them. Now the most important devices have been brought together in the X-ray CoreLab so that they are available to all the scientists. The idea was initiated by Christoph Genzel and developed by Susan Schorr, Head of the X-ray CoreLab Steering Committee.

Locations in Wannsee and Adlershof

New laboratory space has been set up for it in the basement of the PT Building at the Lise Meitner Campus of HZB’s Wannsee location over the last months. There are now five X-ray diffractometers available there for analysing thin films and powder samples, and two for investigating  single crystals. “All the instruments were brought up to current technical standards during the move and equipped with the newest versions of hardware and newest software releases”, says Michael Tovar who is in charge of laboratory operations there. As a result, Wannsee as well has the capability now of carrying out texture and epitaxy studies on thin films, which previously was a bottleneck there.

The X-ray CoreLab at the WCR Campus of HZB’s location in Adlershof falls under the responsibility of Christoph Genzel and comprises three devices. Two diffractometers are in Laboratory R 6106, including a new 8-circle diffractometer. These instruments enable the depth-resolved analysis of near surface gradients such as residual stresses, texture and microstructure of polycrystalline materials and thin films.

Two MetalJet high-flux sources are among the highlights of the new X-ray CoreLab, with one located at the Wannsee location (room LS012) and one at the Adlershof location (in the EMIL Lab). The Metaljet sources are still in the process of being set up and will be available to CoreLab users after successful commissioning.

Instrument time via the Online Calendar

The instruments of the X-ray CoreLab are immediately available to all HZB staff as well as visiting scientists for their research. If you wish to use an instrument, you must initially register as an X-ray CoreLab user. The X-ray CoreLab website provides information about the specifications of the instruments as well as the contact persons.

Also available for external users beginning in 2017

External scientists as well can apply for instrument time and use the X-ray CoreLab beginning in 2017.

“Numerous scientific questions can be answered with the help of our pool of devices in the X-Ray CoreLab without necessarily resorting to large-scale facilities like BESSY II. Because instrument time there is more expensive and especially quite limited”, says Susan Schorr. The infrastructure of the lab complements research conducted with the large-scale facilities well and is a component of the new HZB strategy.

Further information:

Information about the instruments and those in charge of them can be found on the X-ray CoreLab web pages

Registration as an X-ray CoreLab user