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News    03.08.2016

Started: International Summer Student Programme

18 students from nine countries are hosted at HZB for the next two months.
Copyright: S. Zerbe/HZB

Coming from all over the world, 18 students have joined HZB as guests for this summer. From August 1 until September 23 they take part in the international summer student programme, HZB is organising since over 25 years. During the following weeks, the students can work in close cooperation with HZB teams on a project in energy materials research. 

The summer student programme is aiming at undergraduate students in science and engineering. Beside hands on experience in research the programme offers guided tours through HZB infrastructures  and many  opportunities for exchange. This year, students come from Russia, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany and Jordan.

On September 22, 2016, the students will present their projects with some short talks and a poster session. All HZB employees are invited to join the event.

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