Diana Quintero Castro gets a professorship at the University of Stavanger, Norway

Diana Quintero Castro has been appointed as associate professor in the faculty of science and technology at the University of Stavanger. At HZB she is responsible for the cold triple axis neutron spectrometer FLEXX at the neutron source BER II and focuses on magnetism. She will continue her research focuses on magnetic materials by using neutron scattering at different neutron sources. She has accepted her appointment and will leave HZB at the end of December, 2016.

Diana Quintero Castro is interested in the physics behind highly frustrated magnetic systems. These systems can have very unusual ground states with enhanced quantum fluctuations, taking a big distance to the magnetic materials which are commonly use in technological applications so far. These materials could be good candidates for efficient future information technologies. But first it is necessary to develop new theories which can explain the behavior of these unusual systems. Diana Quintero Castro’s research focus is to prepare this class of materials, perform neutron and X-ray scattering to understand the magnetic structure and dynamics.

“At the University of Stavanger I will keep on doing neutron scattering at different neutron sources and pass on the knowledge I have acquired at HZB. I will continue my research topic on magnetism but I will be also open to tackle the Norwegian research needs by using the advantages of neutron scattering. In Norway as well as in the rest of the Scandinavian countries there is a lot of enthusiasm in creating and strengthen the neutron scattering community, especially in preparation to the use of the European Spallation Source which is being built in Lund, Sweden”, Diana Quinero Castro says.

Short CV
Diana Quinero Castro studied physics at the National University of Colombia and at the University of Antioquia, Colombia. In 2017, she came to HZB for doing her PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Bella Lake. The topic was neutron scattering studies of quantum magnets. In September 2011 she was graduated from the Technical University of Berlin. Diana Quintero Castro continued her work at HZB and became responsible for the FLEXX spectrometer.