Modern, concise and informative: HZB presents itself

Sketches and Photographies are combined in order to illustrate the brochure.

Sketches and Photographies are combined in order to illustrate the brochure.

A information brochure, illustrated throughout with a fusion of photos and sketches, serves as the new business card of HZB. In concise and understandable language, it describes the centre’s most important research focuses, introduces the large-scale facilities and laboratories, and shows why HZB is an internationally attractive place to work.

“We have deliberately limited the content to what constitutes the core of HZB,” explains Ina Helms, head of the Communications department. A more comprehensive source of information in this digital age is the Internet, and in this case the HZB website. The brochure provides an initial overview, summarises the research strategy and mission of HZB and is therefore, for all intents and purposes, a new business card. “So, the look and feel were very important to us when designing it,” Ina Helms adds. “As you know, we eat with our eyes first and information ought to be easily digestible.”

“We hope the short texts succeed in providing a good overview. We also consciously arranged the pictures to help the reader grasp and remember the context at first glance,” says Antonia Rötger, who co-wrote the texts with Silvia Zerbe.

The brochures are available in German and English. They can be found in the usual places where info is presented at HZB, like in the BESSY foyer, Wannsee canteen and gate, foyer of the Wannsee auditorium, etc. We invite all employees, users and guests of HZB to take copies with you. You can also download a digital copy from the HZB website media library.


The brochure is now also available online.