Summer in the lab

The summer students come from Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Jordan, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Turkey © arö/HZB

22 students from all over the world are working at HZB for eight weeks

The summer programme of HZB has a good reputation among students, and every year HZB receives a lot more applications than it can fund. Now, 22 young people have come from 15 different countries to start their research project in a HZB team. They will present their results at the end of September.  

The students, who come from South America, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Poland and Austria, have settled in the rooms where they will be living and completed all the formalities. Now they are looking forward to doing research. For some, it will be their first step into “doing” science, others have already worked within a research team. But they all can count on the experienced HZB scientists to guide them well during this eight-week project of their own.

“Many HZB researchers have volunteered to supervise a summer student this year, ,” says Gabriele Lampert, who is coordinating the summer programme. “I know that the supervisors invest a lot of their time and I am really quite happy we can offer such a variety of interesting topics.” It is worth it, in the long run. It happens regularly that students return to HZB, either as PhDs or as users.

Asked for their reasons, the students offer several: they prefer spending their summer in the lab, instead of at the beach, working on cool renewable energies or learning a rewarding new method. And as for the beach, there is still Wannsee.

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