Get in the action for climate protection: HZB team comes in 7th in CITY CYCLING

In September, 63 employees in the HZB team competed in the Germany-wide CITY CYCLING campaign. Over three weeks, they rode a total of 16,240 kilometres, landing them in seventh place – right behind the Berlin fire brigade and TU Berlin. And the best part is, together, the HZB colleagues saved 2306 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

“This is already the second time we’ve taken part, and we’re really happy at how eagerly the employees got involved in the CITY CYCLING campaign. It wasn’t just avid cyclists who joined the HZB team, but also those who normally only take the bike for short distances or on occasion. And that’s how this great result was achieved in the end,” says Kathryn Dunkel from the Internal Services department.

The best team from Berlin was – who else but – the ADFC (German Cyclist’s Association) who put a whopping 53,400 kilometres behind them. Of course, the Association had 167 cyclists riding in their name. But that merely shows that the HZB team can still outdo itself next year.

Altogether, during these three weeks, the cyclists of Berlin rode 591,000 kilometres – a handsome result, on top of which 84,000 kilograms of CO2 could be saved.