HZB apprentice is the best precision engineer ("Feinwerkmechaniker") in the State of Berlin for 2017

Philipp Janusch passed his examination as the best of the year 2017 in the State of Berlin.

Philipp Janusch completed an apprenticeship at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin to become a “precision engineer”, and passed his journeyman’s examination as the best of his year in the State of Berlin. What is more, he achieved this despite shortening his three-year apprenticeship by a whole year. In November, Janusch will be participating in the 2017 German Federal Skills Competition for Metalworking on behalf of the State of Berlin.

“We are truly pleased at the outstanding training result and the nomination of Philipp Janusch. We will be keeping our fingers crossed for him when the final decision comes in 9 to 11 November,” says Katrin Tietz, department head of the HZB Workshop. “Mr. Janusch was very talented and adept. We could tell from the beginning he had a high affinity for technology,” adds his instructor Christian Remus. In the HZB Workshop, among other things, the apprentices learn to handle drills, milling machines and lathes. The budding precision engineers also have to master computer-aided production processes. At HZB, apprentices produce above all individual components for scientific superstructures and equipment.

Philipp Janusch trained from September 2014 to February 2017 at the HZB. At the end of May, he left the research centre and is now working towards completing his Master’s programme. He has already passed two parts – the instructor’s exam and the business studies component.