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Science Highlight    02.11.2017

New magazine “lichtblick” is out: Select articles can be read in English on the website

Some artikels from our magazine lichtblick are available in English: You can find these articles here:



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  • <p>The  illustration shows a molecule with an iron atom at its centre, bound to 4 CN groups and a bipyridine molecule. The highest occupied iron orbital is shown as a green-red cloud. As soon as a cyan group is present, the outer iron orbitals are observed to delocalize so that electrons are also densely present around the nitrogen atoms. </p>
<p> </p>SCIENCE HIGHLIGHT      14.11.2018

    Transition metal complexes: mixed works better

    A team at BESSY II has investigated how various iron-complex compounds process energy from incident light. They were able to show why certain compounds have the potential to convert light into electrical energy. The results are important for the development of organic solar cells. The study has now been published in the journal PCCP, and its illustration selected for the cover. [...]

  • <p>The SEM image shows the cross-section of a silicon perovskite tandem solar cell. </p>NEWS      12.11.2018

    New records in perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells through improved light management

    Using microstructured layers, an HZB team has been able to increase the efficiency of perovskite-silicon tandem solar cells, achieving 25.5 %, which is the highest published value to date. At the same time, computational simulations were utilized to investigate light conversion in various device designs with different nanostructured surfaces. This enabled optimization of light management and detailed energy yield analyses. The study has now been published in Energy & Environmental Science. [...]

  • <p>Andriy Zakutayev (NREL), member of the jury, has awarded Fredrike Lehmann for her poster at ICTMC-21 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.</p>NEWS      19.10.2018

    Poster award to HZB doctoral student

    Frederike Lehmann from the HZB Department Structure and Dynamics of Energy Materials received a poster award at an international conference, the ICTMC-21 in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She presented her results on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid perovskite materials, which are considered interesting candidates for novel solar cells. [...]