Poster award für HZB scientist at ICT2018

Katherine Ann Mazzio was awarded for her poster contribution at the ICT2018 in Caen.

At the International Conference on Thermoelectrics in July in Caen, France, Dr. Katherine Ann Mazzio from the HZB Institute of Nanospectroscopy received a prize for her poster. The conference is the world's largest symposium on thermoelectric materials.

The poster entitled "Hybrid Polymer/Nanoparticle Composites for High-Performance Thermoelectrics" presents a new process developed by the HZB team for the synthesis of hybrid thermoelectric materials. "We are actively pursuing hybrid thermoelectric materials from inorganic nanostructures in conductive polymer matrices for room temperature applications," explains Katherine Ann Mazzio. "In this paper we manipulated the stoichiometry of Ag2-xTe nanocrystals coated with the conductive polymer PEDOT:PSS and followed how changes in stoichiometry influenced structure/property relationships.

The presented work was performed in close collaboration with Danny Kojda and Britta Ryll from Klaus Habicht’s group at HZB. Katherine Ann Mazzio is a post-doctoral research associate, head of the thermoelectrics working group in the Institute for Nanospectroscopy and head of the chemistry and off-synchrotron analytics laboratories at EMIL.