Summer in the lab - and in the HZB science blog

They come from Egypt, China, Mexico or Russia and study science or technology in Bachelor's or Master's degrees. For eight weeks our summer students participate in research in an HZB team. But are they doing exactly? They are currently blogging about their projects in the HZB-Scienceblog.

Whether in an application for research funding, a letter to the editors of a journal or in contact with the public - it is becoming increasingly important to express clearly and convincingly what is exciting about your own research project and why the question is important at all. However, this is not so easy. That's why the communications department offered a writing workshop at the beginning of the summer program - and invited people to blog.

Have a look at the HZB-Scienceblog! Under the category Summerstudents you will find the students' entries, starting with Julio's first entry on July 20, 2018, through Nikki's interesting thoughts on scientific work, to exciting explanations of optimization with the help of swarm intelligence.

And the clicks count! The three authors with the most comments and clicks may present their research project to a large audience at the final presentation, with a lecture. Everyone else is preparing a poster to report on their project.

All contributions can be found at:

The poster session and the lectures of the summer students will take place on August 30, 2018 from 10 pm to 2 am at the Wannsee campus site. You are welcome to participate.

Note to external guests: Please bring your ID or passport with you to the gate.