Poster award to HZB doctoral student

Andriy Zakutayev (NREL), member of the jury, has awarded Fredrike Lehmann for her poster at ICTMC-21 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Frederike Lehmann from the HZB Department Structure and Dynamics of Energy Materials received a poster award at an international conference, the ICTMC-21 in Boulder, Colorado, USA. She presented her results on the synthesis and characterization of hybrid perovskite materials, which are considered interesting candidates for novel solar cells.

Frederike Lehmann is doing her doctorate at the HyPerCell graduate school in the department of Prof. Dr. Susan Schorr on different hybrid perovskite materials. This class of materials is extremely interesting for novel and inexpensive solar cells.

Frederike Lehmann does not only produce these materials using various synthesis methods, but also characterizes their structure and analyzes their optical and electronic properties. "I am also trying to modify these properties through targeted doping or substitution of certain elements in hybrid perovskites by other elements or chemical building blocks," explains Lehmann. For example, with the goal to vary the band gap and simultaneously increase the material stability in order to optimise those materials for solar cells.

At the 21st International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds (ICTMC-21), which took place in Boulder, Colorado, USA, in September, Frederike Lehmann presented her work with a poster and received an award for her contribution.

Title of the poster: „Stabilizing the cubic phase of the triple cation hybrid perovskite (FA1-xMAx)1-yCsyPbI3 solid solution”

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