BER II und BESSY II: 10. User meeting at HZB

Lively discussions in the evening events - a tradition at the usermeetings.

Lively discussions in the evening events - a tradition at the usermeetings. © Phil Dera/HZB

More than 400 scientists have registered this year for the 10th BER II and BESSY II User Meeting at the HZB. Manufacturers of precision instruments present their products at 52 stands. The conference will run from Wednesday, December 5 to Friday, December 7, 2018. On Thursday, the HZB Circle of Friends will reward outstanding scientists in the field of synchrotron radiation with the Innovation Award and bestow the Ernst Eckard Koch Prize for the best doctoral thesis.

Research with synchrotron radiation will be in the topic from Wednesday to Thursday.  On Wednesday evening, the 20th anniversary of BESSY II has been celebrated with live music and theatre interludes. On Thursday evening, the poster session in the experimental hall of BESSY II is followed by a "Berlin Buffet" at BESSY II.


Thursday in the Bunsen auditorium, WISTA

  • 9:40: Keynote by Professor Dr. Gisela Schütz: "Time resolved microscopy with soft x-rays"
  • 15:50: Presentation of Innovation Award and Ernst Eckard Koch Prize by the Circle of Friends of the HZB
  • 17:00: Public lecture by Prof. Dr. Caterina Biscari, Director of ALBA, "LEAPS, coordinating and integrating European Capacities".

Friday at the Lise-Meitner-Campus in Wannsee:

  • Neutron day, dedicated to lectures on new results and methods with neutrons.

Friday at the WCRC in Adlershof:

  • Workshop on protein crystallography will take place on Friday