Postdoc Career Office founded at HZB

© HZB/S. Zerbe

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin is setting up a "Postdoc Career Office" to support postdoctoral researchers in actively planning their future careers. Since 15 January 2019, Dr. Christoph Scherfer has been the contact person for postdocs at the HZB. The Helmholtz Association supports the development of the postdoctoral office at the HZB over a period of five years.   

Scherfer was previously Program Manager at the Dahlem Research School of Freie Universität and supervised the qualification and course offerings for postdocs. Scherfer worked as a scientist abroad for several years before switching to science management. He studied biology and received his doctorate in Sweden. He did research at the CNRS in France and at the MD Anderson Cancer Center of the University of Texas. After his return to Germany, he worked at the Max-Plack-Institute for Infection Biology as a doctoral coordinator.

With the establishment of the Postdoc Career Office, there will now be a direct contact person for Postdos at the HZB for the first time. The aim is to provide them with better advice and support at a crucial stage in their professional lives, including suitable training opportunities.

"I am very pleased to be able to establish the Postdoc Career Office at HZB. What particularly appeals to me about the new job is that I will have direct contact with the postdocs. I will work closely with the HZB Postdoc Association to ensure that our services complement each other in a fruitful way," says Scherfer. "I would also like to establish contacts with former postdocs who are now working in business or at other institutions. Such discussions can broaden one's own horizons".   

Office hours

Mr. Scherfer works at the location Wannsee in the office GE-187 and is available to you after appointment at the location Adlershof.