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News    24.05.2019

HZB-Doktorand receives poster award

Jakob Bombsch received an award for his poster on CIGSe absorbers at the spring meeting of the Materials Research Society.
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At the spring meeting of the Materials Research Society, Jakob Bombsch received an award for his poster on CIGSe absorbers for thin-film photovoltaics. Bombsch is a researcher in the department for Interface Design headed by Prof. Marcus Bär. 

In his doctoral thesis, Jakob Bombsch mainly investigates compound semiconductors made of copper, gallium, indium and selenide (CIGSe), which can be used as absorber material in thin-film photovoltaics. Recent increases in efficiency have been achieved by so-called "post-deposition treatments" of the CIGSe layers with alkali fluorides.

On his poster, Jakob Bombsch presented results on the influence of such post-deposition treatments on the chemical and electronic surface structure of CIGSe absorbers. He analyzed how these changes could be related to the observed increase in efficiency. The investigations were performed with photoelectron spectroscopy in the SISSY laboratory at EMIL, at the HiKE terminal station at BESSY II and the BL15XU beamline at SPring-8 in Japan.

The spring meeting of the Materials Research Society took place from April 22 - 26, 2019 in Phoenix, USA.



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