Silver plaque "Sustainable building" for laboratory building in Wannsee

This new laboratory building received the silver plaque "Sustainable Building" in April 2019. © HZB/S. Zerbe

The laboratory is equipped with a facility for the production of functional oxides (Molecular Beam Epitaxy).

In Wannsee, a new laboratory building for organic chemistry (LE building) was built in just one and a half years, which has now been awarded the silver plaque "Sustainable Building". It is the first HZB building to be certified according to the strict criteria. On the ground floor there is a physical-chemical laboratory for the institute "Functional Oxides for Energy-Efficient Information Technologies (EM-IFOX)".

In the building, approximately 300 square meters of floor space are available for laboratories and offices, which are spread over two floors. The floors are designed as open-plan laboratories and offer flexible equipment options. A special feature are the large glass fronts, which make the surfaces appear bright and spacious. The ventilation technology is integrated on the house roof.

The LE building has particularly good marks for ecological and economic criteria. The primary energy requirement is low, as are the building-related life cycle costs. "In order to meet the certification criteria, the architects' office "erchinger wurfbaum architekten" has already taken the catalogue of requirements into account during the planning phase," says Dirk Mielke, project manager from the construction department of the HZB (FM-B).

"We are very pleased that we were awarded the silver plaque for sustainable building in April 2019. The criteria for certification are actually geared to the needs of office and administration buildings. It is therefore all the more impressive that we can also meet this high standard with a laboratory building".

About the "Sustainable Building" certificate

The sustainable building evaluation system is characterised by a comprehensive consideration of the entire life cycle of buildings, taking into account ecological, economic and socio-cultural quality as well as technical and procedural aspects. Further information can be found on the website: