Support for the sheep at Campus Wannsee

© Fotos: HZB/K. Haas

On their arrival

On their arrival

Since mid-May, sheep have been grazing on the Wannsee campus and contributing to landscape conservation. They have now been reinforced: Since 14 June 19, five sheep and five goats have been supporting the existing herd in its "work". Since the goats prefer to eat blackberries and thorny plants, they find ideal conditions on the natural property.

A total of 19 animals now graze on the campus, including 14 sheep and five goats (one mother and four kids). The sheep have different breeds (10 Skudden, a dark Gotland sheep with lamb, a Merino and a Merino/Bentheimer crossing). They have now settled in well and can often be seen along the fence to the entrance of the institute. 

Important note: Please do not feed the animals, including vegetables or other apparently healthy feed, under any circumstances. The animals will find everything they need on the meadows.

Why are sheep suitable for landscape conservation? We have compiled some interesting information on this subject in the News of 17 May 2019.