HZB has now its own app

How to use all the features of the HZB app? Find all the answers in this tutorial.


The new HZB App allows you to quickly access news, jobs and events, but also find about operational data of BESSY II. Now it is ready for you to use and waiting to be installed on your mobile phone.

You can find the app in the respective App Stores of Google and Apple with the keyword "HZB News" and download the HZB app for free on your mobile phone or tablet. There are many different functions you may use as you wish, also for your work at BESSY II. "Originally we wanted to give our users a helpful tool so that they can briefly check information from Hallendienst and operating parameters," says Carsten Winkler from the Electronics/Interlock Systems Group at BESSY II, who programmed the app. The result is the HZB app consisting in a public and a password-protected area.

News ticker, jobs and much more

In the app you can explore science highlights, news and events at HZB, the science blog and the latest job offers. "If you want to know more about a specific content, tap on the screen and you can read the entire article directly in the app", explains Carsten Winkler. Furthermore, the app can be configured individually. You may want to find out about the latest science highlights and hide all the other pages. This is possible, you can customize the app as you like.  

Information in the protected area

In the password-protected part of the app you can access the shift plan of BESSY II with many sub-functions as well as extended operating data, user information and current graphs. You will need your external HZB password for this area.  If you like, you can also enter user-defined performance parameters (EPICS variables) and be notified if self-defined thresholds are reached.
This app puts the storage ring in your pocket!


Carsten Winkler has created a tutorial explaining all the page functions as well as how to customize the app. Please watch the video (see above).