New lichtblick online

There is usually a lot of bustle in the school lab at HZB. Children and young people pour in, experiment and ask Ulrike Witte's team questions. For example this one: "Is there actually ultra-green violet?" In the cover story our author Kilian Kirchgessner describes how lively the work with the children is - and how wonderful it is when at the end of the day all the young visitors are amazed, even the coolest.

At the beginning of the year the project team started its work on the planning of BESSY III. In an interview we ask the project coordinator Markus Sauerborn what is currently being discussed and what the next steps are (page 2).

The corona period also shaped our work in the last weeks and months at the research center. Stefanie Stutzke from the PVcomB has decided to take a special step in these special times. The trained nurse went to the intensive care unit of the Charité and reports on her work on page 6 - and warns that nobody is immune to the virus. 

While many departments moved their work to the home office in March and April, the operation of the eye tumour therapy was maintained at all times to ensure that patients continued to receive the life-saving treatment. You can read about the effects of Corona on therapy on page 8.

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