New issue of "lichtblick" online

The new issue of lichtblick is about many things that are currently driving us at the Centre: we show that our staff continue to be very creative in their dealings with Corona and are doing everything they can to ensure that research can continue - for example, the development of new prototypes for accelerator components.

In the cover story, we introduce Markus Sauerborn. He worked in hall duty, in public relations and is now at the advisory centre for building-integrated photovoltaics and project coordinator for BESSY III.

On the middle page we show the colourful side of BESSY II on a large scale. The pictures were taken by science photographer Silvia Steinbach at night in total darkness, even the emergency lighting was switched off. We asked her why she swears by darkness in her art.

Many groups still approach Corona with a lot of creativity. This is also the case for the school lab, which has not been allowed to offer project days on site since March 2020. We asked how the team spends the time and learned about many good ideas and new projects.

The editorial team hopes you enjoy reading!