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New technological solutions are needed to curb climate change. Experts agree that green hydrogen is an important building block. By joining forces with internationally renowned research partners and industry, novel catalysts are now to be developed and launched. They are crucial so that green hydrogen can be produced cheaply and efficiently. You can read more about the ambitious goals of the project on the centre page.

Ambitious, that applies to many projects at HZB, including that of Annette Pietzsch, whom we portray in the cover story. Because science is always about breaking new ground. The physicist is developing a globally unique instrument that researchers can use to study liquids with inelastic X-ray scattering. But this is only one of her jobs.

Many of her colleagues are currently feverishly following her work: The Paralympics are in full swing in Tokyo and we are keeping our fingers crossed for our fellow competitor Felicia Laberer, who is competing in the single canoe (A little preview: In the next issue we will of course ask her how she experienced her participation).

The topics at a glance:

  • Cover story: Portrait of Annette Pietzsch
  • Page 2: The training of doctoral students at HZB has been reorganised
  • Page 3: Staff member from around the world - Oonagh Mannix
  • Page 3: Gender-sensitive language at HZB
  • Page 4-5: With new catalysts on the way to a climate-neutral economy
  • Page 6: Mental health at HZB
  • Page 8: Field report - a colleague visits nomads affected by climate change in Somalia

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