We condemn the military attack on Ukraine

It is with great dismay that we are witnessing Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, launched on 24 February 2022. We condemn this grave breach of international law. We are concerned for all the inhabitants of Ukraine and in particular for the researchers and students affected by the war. They have our unconditional solidarity.

Until this moment, a new war in Europe was unimaginable. Already in its first days, it is costing many lives and causing immeasurable suffering. The fact that this could not be prevented makes us sad and stunned. We call on Russia to end all military action immediately.

As a research centre with national and international appeal, HZB thrives on global exchange. People from different nations and continents work together at our centre and enrich our research. A peaceful world is the basis for all cooperation. This has been lived out in science, in particular, for decades.

Russia’s act of war against a sovereign neighbouring country also has consequences for scientific cooperation with Russia. This includes HZB’s collaborations. Our solidarity goes out to our Ukrainian employees and partners, as well as to all the people in Russia who oppose the war and any disinformation from their government.