ETIP PV Conference (online)
"Sustainable manufacturing and deployment" 

As stated in the EU Green Deal Communication, the just transition to climate neutrality and a sustainable future is the overarching objective of all EU policies and actions. Photovoltaics is a key technology in the energy transition. Prospective scenarios demonstrate a converging view on the necessary deep electrification of most economic sectors, only with solar energy can we deliver electricity in very large quantities, at affordable cost, in an environmentally & societally sustainable way.  

But what is the current status of PV? Which political initiatives are ongoing and are additional ones needed?  How can Europe’s position along the PV value chain be strengthened? What are future challenges as PV deployment is increasing towards Terawatt levels? And which are innovative technological solutions for a sustainable Terawatt-PV? These are some of the questions that experts will address and discuss in the virtual ETIP PV conference 2022. Take part in this milestone event and let’s take the next steps together for “Shaping Europe’s energy future with Photovoltaics”.

This two-day forum, among others supported by HZB, targets high-level PV industry stakeholders with a mix of presentations and roundtable discussions involving key European and global speakers.

4-5 May 2022 from 2 pm – 6:00 pm CET (Brussels / Amsterdam Time) 


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