Li, Y.; Ren, J.; Ouyang, S.; Hou, W.; Petit, T.; Song, H.; Chen, H.; Philo, D.; Kako, T.; Ye, J.: Atomic carbon chains-mediated carriers transfer over polymeric carbon nitride for efficient photocatalysis. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 259 (2019), p. 118027/1-7

Atomic structure tailoring towards high electron mobility is an essential approach to maximizing the solar energy-conversion efficiency of polymeric carbon nitride (CN) but still presents a significant challenge. Here we construct a smooth carrier channel in the basal plane of CN by filling the rich defects in layer with various kinds of short carbon chains, whereby the light-induced carriers transfer kinetics is boosted distinctly. Consequently, the optimal carbon chains-planted CN delivers a remarkably enhanced photocatalytic performance, achieving a 13.2 and 29.2-fold improvement in H2 evolution and CO2 reduction, respectively. This study provides an in depth insight into the modulation of in-plane electrical conductivity at molecular scale over CN and offers new opportunities for reinforcing the reaction kinetics of organic-based photocatalysts.