Zuev, S.Yu.; Pleshkov, R.S.; Polkovnikov, V.N.; Salashchenko, N.N.; Svechnikov, M.V.; Chkhalo, N.I.; Schäfers, F.; Sertsu, M.; Sokolov, A.: Influence of Beryllium Barrier Layers on the Properties of Mo/Si Multilayer Mirrors. Technical Physics 64 (2019), p. 1688-1691
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The performance of multilayer Mo/Si mirrors with B4C and Be spacers near a wavelength of 13.5 nm has been studied. It has been shown that four-component Mo/Be/Si/B4C mirrors outperform Mo/Si and Mo/Si/B4C mirrors in reflection coefficient by 2.0 and 1.3%, respectively. In addition, Mo/Si mirrors offer the widest transmission band width at half maximum (Δλ1/2 = 0.535 nm). An explanation for these findings has been given.