Tötzke, C.; Kardjilov, N.; Lenoir, N.; Manke, I.; Oswald, S.E.; Tengattini, A.: What comes NeXT? – High-Speed Neutron Tomography at ILL. Optics Express 27 (2019), p. 28640-28648
Open Accesn Version

Here, we report on a new record in the acquisition time for fast neutron tomography. With an optimized imaging setup, it was possible to acquire single radiographic projection images with 10 ms and full tomographies with 155 projections images and a physical spatial resolution of 200 μm within 1.5 s. This is about 6.7 times faster than the current record. We used the technique to investigate the water infiltration in the soil with a living lupine root system. The fast imaging setup will be part of the future NeXT instrument at ILL in Grenoble with a great field of possible future applications.