Garcia-Moreno, F.; Radtke, L.A.; Neu, T.R.; Kamm, P. H.; Klaus, M.; Schlepütz, C.M.; Banhart, J.: The Influence of Alloy Composition and Liquid Phase on Foaming of Al–Si–Mg Alloys. Metals 10 (2020), p. 189/1-18
Open Accesn Version

The foaming behaviour of aluminium alloys processed by the powder compaction technique depends crucially on the exact alloy composition. The AlSi8Mg4 alloy has been in use for a decade now, and it has been claimed that this composition lies in an “island of good foaming”. We investigated the reasons for this by systematically studying alloys around this composition by varying the Mg and Si content by a few percent. We applied in situ X‐ray 2D and 3D imaging experiments combined with a quantitative nucleation number and expansion analysis, X‐ray tomography of solid foams to assess the pore structure and pore size distribution, and in situ diffraction experiments to quantify the melt fraction at any moment. We found a correlation between melt fraction and expansion height and verified that the “island of good foaming” actually exists, and foams outside a preferred range for the liquid fraction—just above TS and between 40%60%—show a poorer expansion performance than the reference alloy AlSi8Mg4. A very slight increase of Si and decrease of Mg content might further improve this foam.