• Kiener, J.; Bundesmann, J.; Deloncle, I.; Denker, A.; Tatischeff, V.; Gostojic, A.; Hamadache, C.; Röhrich, J.; Benhabiles, H.; Bougaoub, I.; Coc, A.; Hammache, F.; Peyré, J.: Gamma-ray emission in alpha-particle reactions with C, Mg, Si, Fe. Journal of Physics : Conference Series 1555 (2020), p. 012011/1-6

Open Accesn Version

Cross sections for the strongest gamma-ray emission lines produced in alpha-particle reactions with C, Mg, Si, Fe have been measured in the range E_alpha = 50 - 90 MeV at the center for proton therapy at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. Data for more than 60 different gamma-ray lines were determined, with particular efforts for lines that are in cross section compilations/evaluations with astrophysical purpose, and where data exist at lower projectile energies. The data are compared with predictions of a modern nuclear reaction code and cross-section curves of the latest evaluation for gamma-ray line emission in accelerated-particle interactions in solar flares.