• Pile, S.; Stienen, S.; Lenz, K.; Narkovicz, R.; Wintz, S.; Förster, J.; Mayr, S.; Buchner, M.; Weigand, M.; Ney, V.; Lindner, J.; Ney, A.: Nonstationary spin waves in a single rectangular permalloy microstrip under uniform magnetic excitation. Physical Review B 105 (2022), p. 094415/1-11

Open Access Version

Ferromagnetic resonance modes in a single rectangular Ni80Fe20 microstrip were directly imaged using time-resolved scanning transmission x-ray microscopy combined with a phase-locked ferromagnetic resonance excitation scheme, and the findings were corroborated by micromagnetic simulations. Although under uniform excitation in a single confined microstructure typically standing spin waves are expected, all imaged spin waves showed a nonstationary character both at and off resonance, the latter being additionally detected with microantenna-based ferromagnetic resonance. The effect of the edge quality on the spin waves was observed in micromagnetic simulations.