• Bauer, K.; Schmidt, J.-S.; Eggenstein, F.; Decker, R.; Ruotsalainen, K.; Pietzsch, A.; Blume, T.; Liu, C.-Y.; Weniger, C.; Siewert, F.; Buchheim, J.; Gwalt, G.; Senf, F.; Bischoff, P.; Schwarz, L.; Effland, K.; Mast, M.; Zeschke, T.; Ivo, R.; Meißner, A.; Föhlisch, A.: The meV XUV-RIXS facility at UE112-PGM1 of BESSY II. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation 29 (2022), p. 908

Open Accesn Version

Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering in the XUV-regime has been implemented at BESSY II, pushing for a few-meV bandwidth in inelastic X-ray scattering at transition metal M-edges, rare earth N-edges and the K-edges of light elements up to carbon with full polarization control. The new dedicated low-energy beamline UE112-PGM1 has been designed to provide 1 µm vertical and 20 µm horizontal beam dimensions that serve together with sub-micrometre solid-state sample positioning as the source point for a high-resolution plane grating spectrometer and a high-transmission Rowland spectrometer for rapid overview spectra. The design and commissioning results of the beamline and high-resolution spectrometer are presented. Helium autoionization spectra demonstrate a resolving power of the beamline better than 10 000 at 64 eV with a 300 lines mm−1 grating while the measured resolving power of the spectrometer in the relevant energy range is 3000 to 6000.